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— Private beach owner and pool bar manager

Sell a new connected innovative service and increase your sales

beach manager, stop walking on the sand, BeMyBeach does the work for you.

Triple your income per sunbed, monetizing the attendance and bringing services at the foot of the deckchair

— Solution 

Turn your sunbeds into profit center !

Monetize your deckchair

Stop to the unproductive « war towels », get all visibility on your sunbed. No possibility any more to lock free sunbed. 

Get really time data on your deckchair.

Reduce time for ordering

Provide new capabilities to the customer, helping him to buy more easily and with no delays thanks to online product selection and payment, without any personnel to handle orders.  

Optimize your sales

Fluidify the wait at the bar in a meaningful way! Give the power at your customer to order on their phone !  No more crowded beach bars where you lose revenue by not serving customers when ordering.

 Our product

Free for users our applications allows to answer to a maximum of
needs and to make everyone happy with the application. Increase your visibility and efficiency!

— Logistique 

Be My beach is a simple solution with SaaS management software


Create your own map of your area with our tool and put your map online to see the free sunbed


Your tickets are automatically generated for each transaction

3 – User FeeDback

In your space, you have access to all statistics of the operation of your private beach

4 – Real Time

View deckchair reservations and real-time orders


Visualize your turnover statement easily. A file compatible with all management software is generated each month

— Your customers

Make your users happy

Les fashions

Push beach products for your customers.
Glasses, creams, swimsuit …


Allow your customers to order exceptional services !


Allow your most gourmet customers to enjoy good food while basking in the sun without moving their chairs.


Ensure your festive customers always have their full glasses, by ordering in real time what they want.

— Contact

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